Stefanie Schneider

Stefanie Schneider

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Pretty and smart, this 32-year-old lady is an expert in numbers. She was born in Spain where her German father and Spanish mother raised and provided her with elementary education. Stefanie’s father met her mother in Spain when he was assigned there as financial comptroller for a German car manufacturer. When Stefanie was 12, the family moved to Germany because her father’s employer offered him a new post in their office in Munich, where she pursued her secondary education. Blessed with a flexible personality and great intellectual skills, Stefanie quickly adjusted to her new world. Language was never a barrier for her because the family speaks German, English and Spanish at home.

Stefanie got her interest and skills in numbers from her father. In high school, she graduated with honors from the Technische Universität München. She also graduated with flying colors from the same school where she took up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics major in Probability and Statistics.

As the world of finance was close to her, Stefanie began to develop a passion for the financial market at an early age. The lure of a job as financial analyst from a leading bank in Germany was too much for her to ignore right after graduation. Her passion and dedication quickly developed Stefanie into an expert financial analyst. Her skills and hunger for continuous improvement earned her the trust and admiration of her managers, peers and clients. These made her a gem in the company, where she rose to become the youngest bank manager at a tender age of 24.

Stefanie is now connected with Top Binary Signals as Vice President of Managed Accounts, where her star continues to shine.

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Stefanie Schneider


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