Otto Ebersbach

Otto Ebersbach

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Born in the Austrian Capital City of Vienna, Otto Ebersbach is a 50-year old Chief Executive Officer of Top Binary Signals. His 30 years of experience in forex and stock trading makes him one of the few unquestionable masters of the business. Otto spent the first 12 years of his education in Vienna University of Technology but started college life in the University of Vienna where he finished his undergraduate and master’s degree in Business Administration. Otto is an expert in marketing. His knowledge in banking and finance has made him a respectable top executive in his circle.

Otto’s interest in the financial market began when he worked as a financial analyst in one of the most prestigious stock brokers in Austria. His sound business dispositions and sharp analytical skills easily made him an ace in his company. It only took him eight years to reach the position of Chief Operating Officer. A smart and passionate worker that he is, Otto’s star continues to shine, and after a few more years, he rose to become the managing director of the firm that taught him the basics of real financial management systems.

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