Hiroto Minamoto

Hiroto Minamoto

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Hiro Minamoto is a 51-year-old Chief Executive Officer of Top Binary Signals. His 26 years of experience in trading forex and stocks makes him one of the most sought-after managers of the financial industry. He was born, raised and educated in Okinawa, Japan but he moved to America to pursue higher studies in business management. Even at a tender of 14, Hiro had already developed an interest in managing a business. This prompted to take up Business Administration in Okinawa International University, where he graduated with honors. After graduating from college, Hiro moved to America to take up a master’s degree in business management in the University of Chicago. After his post-graduate studies, Hiro found a job as a consultant in a reputable financial consultancy firm in Chicago where he also developed his passion for trading. His splendid performance and trading experience made him one of the most knowledgeable persons of the trading business. His love of his job and passion for sharing the benefits of his accumulated expertise made him one of the best sources of financial and market analysis. His excellent track record easily made him one of the pillars of Top Binary Signals which is gaining popularity as a provider of reliable, high-probability binary options trading signals. He has organized a team of highly skilled individual traders who have a passion for helping clients achieve their best potential for making profits.

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