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Binary options trading looks and simple and easy to do as you only need to choose an option and input your investment into the platform, but it needs more than that to accomplish your objective of making profits. Make the wrong choice and you will lose your investment. This is not what every trader wants. We trade because we all want to make money.

Simple as it is, binary options is like traditional trading in a lot of ways, only you don’t need to buy and sell stocks with it. But in order to pick the right direction of the price of your preferred asset, you have to have the right tools to be able to properly analyze the market. This involves the use of charts, reliable indicators, price history and the latest news. All these play a big role in your objective of making the right prediction whether the price of your underlying asset goes up or down during expiration time.

We at Top Binary Signals analyze the market with these tools to produce the most probable binary options trading signals. We are committed to help you make your trades as profitable as we possibly can. But we are not content with spoon-feeding you with our products. We want to share with you some of our tools to help you understand how we come up with our signals. It is our way of showing transparency in our work – to let you know that the signals we deliver are in line with what the market is showing.

Forex Economic Calendar

We pay close attention to major events around the world with the use of our economic calendar. This is our way to track the occurrence of big events that have the capability to affect or move the financial market. Our system anticipates events as they develop and monitors them closely. We interpret, analyze and evaluate major movements that can affect or influence the direction of the market. These events include but are not limited to non-farm payroll numbers, interest rate decisions, and changes in Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index and Purchasing Managers’ Index. The Forex Economic Calendar is one of our most important resources for the binary signals that we produce and deliver right at your doorstep.

Forex Market Hours

The binary signals we provide are designed to correspond to the international market hours when market participants are able to speculate on, purchase, sell or exchange currencies. But since the international currency market involves a global network of at least four major market exchange centers that operate in multiple time zones, our Forex Market Hours are based on the times when trading is open in each of the participating countries, namely the US (New York Stock Exchange), UK (London Stock Exchange), Australia (Australian Securities Exchange) and Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange). We are doing this to provide you with the best binary signals applicable to your particular time zone. We are here to make binary options trading profitable and convenient for you.

Market News

The financial market is very sensitive to major news and developments around the world. We at Top Binary Signals want to make sure that you are kept abreast of all economic, financial, political and other events that can affect the movement and direction of the market. Being updated of world events that may influence the market allows you to anticipate movements in the prices of your preferred assets. We also use the information as a major resource for the production of our binary signals. These and our other inputs will help you to understand our signals without ever having to look at charts and candlesticks. We deliver these to you to let you know that our signals are a product of a systematic process. We do all the work to help you realize your dream for financial success and freedom.