Email Signals Delivery

Top Binary Signals strives to be the cutting edge in the binary trading signals providing services. We want to ensure that our subscribers are fed with the latest and most reliable signals that can help you to make accurate forecasts. One of the newest services we have is sending Email Signals. With Email Signals, we deliver up to 10 emails and 120 signals every day. These signals are intended to cover more than 50 of the most popular assets being traded in the market today. We are also happy to tell you that Top Binary Signals are manned by experts in the trading and financial market. This translates to a success rate of up to 88%.

The signals we deliver to you by email are one-hour forecasts as to which way the price of assets should go (either up or down). As our subscriber, we will deliver the email-signals at the same time everyday depending on the package you choose. The signals are forecasts of upcoming prices of the nearest expiration times and are valid up to one hour. Each email that we send contains a minimum of four signals of the about which way the prices of the most important assets used in trading namely FOREX, Stocks, Commodities and Indices, should go.

To give you the best chances of buying the right option (“Call” or “Put”), we strive to make sure that the signals you receive are nearest to the strike price. It’s the reason why these signals are delivered to you one hour before nearest expiration time of the underlying asset specified. Please note that should you decide to trade, you only have five minutes to act. This means that within five minutes, you need to enter your position as directed as well as the expiry rate.

For example, if you receive a signal with a “USD/EUR – Call” 16:01, you should buy a CALL option for USD/EUR with an expiration time of 17:00.

If you are not able to act on the signal within five minutes upon its arrival in your inbox, you may not use the signal because it might not be applicable anymore. Based on our mathematical analysis, the price of assets can change drastically in a matter of minutes. The signal may no longer be valid after five minutes.