oriconTop Binary Signals was recognized as the Best Fund Management Company of the year 2011 by €uro, Germany’s biggest finance magazine.

In collaboration with its agency, Vierpartner which is based in Dusseldorf, Germany, €uro carefully examined 30 financial management service providers and found Top Binary Signals as the best in customer care and transparency of service. €uro’s criteria for evaluation are based on customer feedback about the education and quality of service provided by participating companies to their clients. This is because the business of providing trading signals is highly associated with risks which every customer must be made to understand. Top Binary Signals successfully achieves the objective of serving and educating its customers because we employ and train a team of professionals with the right attitude and skills.

Top Binary Signals is a cut above the rest in terms of product reliability and customer satisfaction. We’re proud to be one of the best in our line of business.

oriconThe outstanding performance of Top Binary Signals as a binary trading platform does not fail to get the attention of major ranking companies all over the world. In March this year, Oricon, Inc. has awarded Top Binary Signals as the 2014 Number One Trading Platform in terms of customer service in FX category. Oricon is the best and most credible ranking company for customer satisfaction in Japan.


european-2014For its excellence in the field of trading education, Top Binary Signals is the recipient of the Best Educational Trading Program of the 2014 European Banking Awards. Top Binary Signals values trader education. We strive to provide topnotch education traders require to hone their skills and become experts in analyzing the market. We work with our customers and introduce them to seminars that are intended to enhance their competency levels. Beginners and seasoned traders alike appreciate the education they get from Top Binary Signals. It is something that they learn to earn more in the world of binary options.


best-forex-2013Top Binary Signals has been consistently delivering quality trading signals to its customers. Our commitment to continuously provide high-quality trading signals to our European and global markets is a reliable testimony of our expertise and professionalism. We offer only the best of our products and services. This is the very reason why Top Binary Signals was awarded the 2013 Best Forex Signal Service Provider by the Global Financial Market.


mena-expoFor its exemplary performance in the management of its resources, Top Binary Signals was bestowed the 2013 Best Portfolio Management Award by the MENA Expo Finance Awards of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Top Binary Signal’s diversified portfolio is a major factor that allows the company to minimize its risks, maximize its profits and get good returns amid a professional and efficient delivery of products and services.